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  • Content1994 - Innovative Actions for the Improvement of the Workings of the Labour Market and the Development of Human Resources.

    Within the context of an active employment policy, the ESF devotes special attention to the improvement of the operation of the labour market and to the development of human resources. For this last 5-year period, the Commission suggested that the member states concentrate their interventions in innovative actions in the following fields:

    • ContentIncrease of innovative employment formulas: in sectors of high employment; by means of flexible systems for the organisation of work and production; through a reduction of indirect salary costs: or by offering new employment opportunities in the service sector that contribute to improving living conditions and services to persons.

    • ContentImprovement of the operation of the labour market, by means of projects aimed at strengthening and modernising employment services; facilitating worker mobility; and integrating in the labour market persons at risk of exclusion.

    • ContentStrengthening of structures, methods and organisations related to training.

  • Content1995 - Innovative Actions in favour of long-term unemployed persons

    Still within the context of an active employment policy geared towards fomenting a better operation of the labour market, the ESF financed pilot actions which included territorial support strategies based on a coherent set of activities involving research, implementation, promotion and co-ordination. Said activities were intended to be geared at exploring the opportunities new jobs could offer long-term unemployed persons.

  • Content1996, 1997 - Innovative Actions in the field of New Jobs

    With the 1996 call for projects involving innovative actions, the Commission intended to support the EU strategy for the creation of employment. The projects chosen and implemented as a result of that call were aimed at three specific areas:

    • ContentTo develop local employment by means of aid to development agencies and to local networks and associations working in favour of initiatives for the creation of employment and businesses.

    • ContentTo develop new systems of organising work in businesses, particularly systems aimed at making full use of the possibilities of new technologies and of the demand of more flexible labour opportunities on the part of future workers.

    • ContentTo seek vertical associations (local, national and community bodies), as an essential condition for the application of legal, financial and tax frameworks favourable for the creation of these new jobs.

  • Content1998 - Innovative Actions on Local Capital with Social Goals

    On the basis of the common denominator of fomenting employment and social cohesion, advocated and recommended by all European institutions, the projects implemented centred around three types of objectives:

    • ContentTo restore social cohesion by fostering actions of a co-operative and supportive nature. As a result, socially useful actions were implemented, either to improve living conditions and local environment, or to strengthen or create self-help communities and networks for the exchange of products and services within a small area.

    • ContentTo reinforce territorial networks and formal or informal associations which try to facilitate access to jobs of persons in a situation of exclusion.

    • ContentTo provide aid for the creation of micro-enterprises and co-operatives.

    For more information see: http://www.astro.es/arte6

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