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PERIOD 1994-1999

This section includes experiences of successful projects involving actions co-financed by the European Social Fund.


Project name: Brisa.

Promotor: EATUR. Desarrollo Rural, S.L.

Beneficiaries: rural SMEs and their workers.

Description: Integrated action project in six specific rural areas representing three provinces of the region of Aragon, consisting of services offered to businesses and public administrations.

Objectives: To provide rural workers with itineraries to enable them to adapt to changes in the labour market. To establish the foundations of the Information Society in the rural areas of Aragon through rural telecentres. To establish services aimed at modernising SMEs.

Results: Thanks to the installation of telecentres the Foundation for Telematic Health Services was created, including stable jobs. The Telecentres have made it possible to establish a good technical assistance service in the form of a consultancy from which training itineraries are established. The professional profile of promoter-managers of new information and communication technology projects for social, local or rural development has also been defined.

Total financing: 263.243,302 €

ESF financing: 131.621,651 €

Particulars of project promoter:

- Address: Pº de Rosales, 26, esc. 4-1º; 50008 Zaragoza - E-mail: eatur@globalmail.net - Telephone: 976/59.51.91 - Fax:976/59.66.96

Transnational partners:

Address: Breire Stt.11 (08258 Markneukirchen) Telephone: 49/37422 5640 Fax: 49 37422 56411 E.mail: dwp.zentrale@t-online.de

Member State: France (F) Organization: ADACA CER 14
Address: 37 Rue Fred Scamaroni (14053 Caen) Telephone: 33 231 155678 Fax: 33 231 155689 E.mail: pjacques@caen.pacwan.net

Address: Vía Salvo D'Aquisto 10-12 (51012 Pescia) Telephone: 39 572 476898 Fax: 39 57 47086 E.mail: floadat@ftbcc.it .


Project name: Training and Integration for the creation of proximity services for families, family education and child care.

Promotor: APIP (Association for Professional Promotion and Insertion).

Beneficiaries:Immigrant women in charge of single parent families or who wish to enter the job market.

Description: The project focuses on proximity services. The jobs, in the field of family education and child care, are created by establishing a multiple use centre which is also intended for vocational training. Other complementary services, including guidance and further training, were added.

Objectives: Employment of the beneficiary group, in the field of child care, on the basis of an innovative approach to this source of employment.

Results: A good level of employment for this group of women, achieving a balance between family life and work..

Total financing: 159.869,22 €

ESF financing: 79.934,61 €

Particulars of project promoter:

- Address: C/ Carme, 44; 08001 Barcelona - E-mail: apipb@redestb.es - Telephone: 93/317.16.14 - Fax:93/317.14.59

Transnational partners:

Member State: België (BNL) Organization: Vdab (Vlaamse Dienst Voor Arbeidsbemiddeling En Beroepsopleiding)
Address: Keizerslaan, 11 (Brussel 1000) Telephone: 32-2-5060452 Fax: 32-2-5060428 E.mail: bbruneel@vdab.be/jhostyn@vdab.be

Member State: France (F) Organization: Irfa Est Interregion
Address: Voie Romaine B.P. 30086 (Hagondange 57301) Telephone: 33-3-87516270 Fax: 33-387516270 E.mail: irfa.est.direction@hol.fr

Member State: Italia (IT) Organization: Ficiap Veneto
Address: Viale Stazione, 20/A (Veneto 30171) Telephone: 39-4-1935400 Fax: 39-4-1929936 E.mail: ficiap@ronchiato.it

Member State: Suomi (SF) Organization: Karis Kurscenter
Address: Dalgatan, 10 (Karis 10300) Telephone: 358-19-278480 Fax: 358-19-278481 E-mail: annmarie@kkc.karis.fi .


Project name: Social Employment Club

Promotor: Colectivo la Huertecica.

Beneficiaries: A mixed group of drug addicts

Description: Creation of a "Social Employment Club" to attend to the problems of former drug addicts who have gone through a process of rehabilitation and are in the phase of social and therapeutic accompaniment.

Actions related to training, job and legal counselling, guidance for implementing self-employment projects on the basis of co-operatives, especially in the field of building maintenance, specific training in business administration, job counselling, fostering employment, training of trainers, social awareness.

Objectives: To find jobs for an underprivileged group of people. Providing a wider range of job options for the women of the group.

Results: A considerable number of women were involved in the project, and they received training in trades and activities traditionally considered as masculine, such as masonry, plumbing, etc. Following the implementation of a complementary service, the level of success for women who decided to orient their careers towards this type of activity was good.

Total financing: 268.580,58 €

ESF financing: 219.465,80 €

Particulars of project promoter:

- Address: Alfonso XIII, 57 Los Dolores; 30310 Cartagena (Murcia) - E-mail: colectivo@lahuertecica.com - Telephone: 968/31.55.11 - Fax: 968/51.91.64

Transnational partners:

Member State: Italia Organization: Cnca-Coordinamento Nazionale Comunita Di Accoglienza
Address: Vía Vallescura, 47; Capodarco Di Fermo (AP) C.P.: 63010 Telephone: 194040 Fax: 902245

Member State: Deutschland Organization: Aktionsgemeinschaft Drogen E V.
Address: Schiebhausstr.6; Pforsheim C.P.: 75177 Telephone: 6874118 Fax: 6872556


Project name: Acceso 25.

Promotor: University of Valencia.

Beneficiaries:Persons having a physical and/or sensory disability

Description: The project consisted of the development of a methodology for the design of courses for persons with disabilities.

Objectives: The preparation and design of new training and job integration methodologies. The social and professional promotion of the group, by means of guidance and training, so as to enter University, through the use of compensation courses based on new technologies.

Results: Within the framework of the project two methodological products worthy of notice were developed: the SIMICOLE, a system for teaching reading comprehension to dumb persons and the SEA, to enable people with difficulties to take computer tests.

Total financing: 411.392,79 €

ESF financing: 308.544,59 €

Particulars of project promoter:

- Address: Antiga Senda Senent, 11; 46023 Valencia - E-mail: francisco.alcantud@uv.es - Telephone: 96/386.40.44 - Fax: 96/398.30.21

Transnational partners:

Member State: Belgique (BFR) Organization: ANETPC
Address: Avenue Albert 40 (1200) Telephone: 32/2/771.95.67 Fax: 32/2/779.09.42 E.mail: cetd@infonie.be

Member State: France (F) Organization: Centre National D'Etudes et de Formation Pour L'Enfance Inadaptée
Address: 58-60 Av. Des Landes (92150 Suresnes) Telephone: 33/01/ Fax: 33/01/ E-mail: cnefei@education.gouv.fr

Member State: Italia (IT) Organization: Platone S.R.L.
Address: Vía Sabotino, 49 E (87100 Cosenza) Telephone: 39/336/87.28.77 Fax: 39/984/49.47.34

Member State: Italia (IT) Organization: Uniservice Scarl
Address: Vía della Meccanica, 16 (85100) Telephone: 39/971/47.10.67/77 Fax: 39/971/47.10.67/77 E-mail: dca@memex.it .


Project name: 4th School workshop for the recuperation of the historic heritage of Alacalá la Real)

Promotor: Town council of Alcalá la Real, in the province of Jaén.

Beneficiaries:40 working students

Description: The work of the students in the fields of masonry, carpentry, metallic construction and nurseries applied to the restoration of the town.

Objectives: To achieve the integration of the worker students in the labour market by means of remodelling work at the Capuchinos Convent, at business plants, the former Town Hall building and the Fortaleza de la Mota, as well as work as plant specialists in the municipal nursery, in gardening and landscape restoration tasks.

Results: The insertion of 27 students and collaboration with the improvement of the heritage of this town.
The insertion of 27 students and collaboration with the improvement of the heritage of this town.

Total financing: 697.451,91 €

ESF financing : 296.504,03 €

Particulars of project promoter:

- Address: Plaza Arcipreste de Hita, nº 1 23680 Alcalá la Real (Jaén) Telephone: 953580000


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